Influencer Marketing on Amazon

Tell your story through creative campaigns, turn your products into topselling trends.

Media landcape analysis & audit 

Creative brief and influencer search

Reporting & Real-time key data


Trafic redirection to Amazon

Analysis & Audit


Specific sector trends identification by : content type organic/sponsored, format type, influencer type, brand type, partnership type


Observation of your current media positioning and social media share of voice to define your opportunities and next strategies


Identifying your customer targets based on socio-demographic and temporal data.


Competitive monitoring: understanding the choices and scope of your online competitors. Defining realistic benchmarking criteria


Monitoring your target audiences: discover creators organically discussing your brand and the conversations your brand is generating


Selection & management of influencers who will represent you based on their affinity, engagement rate, content, and audience

Campaign launch & monitoring


Based on your socio-demographic target, competitor best practices, our affinity filters, and acquisition strategy, we proceed with the following steps:

Managing communications with influencers

Creative brief proposal, content validation

Aligning strategies with Amazon’s and your calendar

Real time campaign performance tracking 

Contracting and remuneration of content creators

• If your campaign redirects to Amazon :

  • PCatalog readiness checks, on-site audit
  • PContent optimization suggestion and integration
  • PForecasts, stock management and buybox checks
  • PUnique trackable links creation
  • PRetai and advertising strategies alignement

Real-time reporting

Évaluons vos performances, obtenons des données et des métriques clés, déterminons votre retour sur investissement.

  • Detailed performance data for each content and channel.
  • Influencer driven conversions measurement, CTR, units sold, earned mevia value…
  • Reporting tailored to initial goals and specific targets.
  • Analysis of audience response and discussions around your activation
  • Let’s define your opportunities, amplify your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and maximize your ROI.
Les services d'influzone : analyse data, campagne ads, reporting et redirection amazon

Campaign redirection to Amazon : synergies creation

Dans le cadre d’une campagne d’affiliation où Amazon sera le point de chute de vos futurs clients, nous utilisons tous les leviers possibles pour maximiser l’impact et optimiser votre ROI. Nos experts Amazon vous accompagnent et vous conseillent à chaque étape.

Key events : take advantage of Amazon’s and yours!

💡 Showcasing discounted products could increase your conversion rates, ROI, and audience satisfaction!

We assist you in implementing an optimal strategy with your influencers during major events (Black Friday, Prime Days, Cyber Mondays, Spring Sales…) and strengthen your connections with potential customers.

Content harmonization, conversion optimization

A comprehensive and accessible product page drastically increases your conversion rate (up to 10%, according to Amazon).

💡 If an influencer drives traffic to one of your products, ranges or Brand store, ensure that the destination content is as compelling as possible! We offer our assistance to enhance your site’s ranking, polish your brand image.

Product selection, stock management, re-marketing

💡 Watch out for stock! Like all awareness strategies, the results of an influencer campaign or a sponsored ad campaign are also observed in the long term.

To capitalize on this, prioritize your timeless products and those less prone to stockouts. This way, you can continue targeting and attracting prospects even when you least expect it!

Get closer to your audiences, build long-term partnerships, and gain ongoing benefits!

Content creators enrolled in the Amazon Influencer program have their own product showcases on Amazon. To meet their community’s expectations, they share recommended products there. This Amazon-affiliated program allows them to monetize their content by sharing unique links to their store or specific Amazon products/brands.

    ♥  Target influencers aligned with your brand    
    ♥  Leverage their organic traffic to showcase your products    
    ♥  Tailor your selections to meet your audience’s demands    
    ♥  Intensify your brand’s key moments    
    ♥  Diversify your customer acquisition channels    
    ♥  Work hand in hand for a win-win outcome!


Les services d'influzone : analyse data, campagne ads, reporting et redirection amazon

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