Amazon Inspire: The shopping flow inspired by TikTok.

1 December 2023

The e-commerce giant has once again disrupted norms with a new, trendy, and clever program, allowing it to boost sales and revolutionize users’ shopping experience.

Amazon Inspire is a mix between TikTok and Amazon Ads: essentially, it’s a stream of videos and photos accessible to the public, enabling brands and users to showcase their chosen products.

Why Amazon Inspire ?

TikTok has become a formidable adversary for Amazon. What started as a platform for entertaining videos among the youth has now undeniably shown immense commercial potential. It’s likely why Amazon decided to enter this market, safeguarding its share. Through this initiative, Amazon aims to revolutionize its users’ shopping experience, making it both easy and enjoyable.

Who can create content ?

Brands: Similar to TikTok, brands can directly engage users and reach their target audience through sponsored campaigns.

Amazon consumers: Any Amazon buyer can use Inspire as a ‘Trip Advisor’ for their purchases, offering opinions and showcasing their experience with entertaining content. This will assist other users in making informed purchase decisions.

Amazon Influencers: Influencers and content creators enrolled in Amazon’s affiliate program are free to post impactful content to drive traffic to their Amazon store. Remember, Amazon Influencers earn commissions for every product sold on Amazon through their link.

How does it work ?

Content creation: Brands, influencers, and Amazon consumers can freely create and share photo and/or video content showcasing products, unboxing, demonstrations, or usage. They can add music or audio elements of their choice. The higher the quality of the content, the more prospects will be convinced and motivated to make a purchase.

Targeted content: Similar to TikTok Ads or Amazon Ads, brands can sponsor their content, target their audience, and expand their reach. Upon joining Amazon Inspire, users are required to specify their interests (pets, cooking, DIY, hair care, etc.), and these data points help brands reach their target audience.

Content tailored by interests: Based on user information and behavior, Amazon’s algorithm adapts to their preferences and personalizes each user’s content feed. Users can also access and subscribe to the profiles of brands and other users they prefer.

So far, quite similar to TikTok, isn’t it? However, Amazon distinguishes itself by adding its magical touch: a simplified purchasing and transaction system to expedite and streamline the buying process.

Is Amazon Inspire necessary to access this content ?

Not necessarily! Content posted on Amazon Inspire could also appear on Amazon’s shopping site. Let’s take the example of a consumer who shares on Inspire a video demonstrating the use of a product they recently purchased. If this video meets Amazon’s eligibility criteria, it stands a good chance of being reshared on the relevant product page on Amazon’s website. As a result, this video becomes accessible to potential customers and aids them in their purchasing decisions.

Advantages :

  • Traffic redirection: by posting content on Inspire, there’s a chance it could reappear on Amazon.
  • Dynamic and appealing content: Videos are 15 seconds long, high-quality, visually engaging, and very reassuring for consumers.
  • Absolute transparency: Customer and audience retention through highly authentic content.
  • Similar to running an Amazon Ads campaign, it’s possible to leverage Amazon’s tools and algorithms to maximize campaign reach, targeting the right audience based on behavioral and demographic criteria.
  • More accessible advertising cost: Inspire is fairly new (la launch in December 2022). Like any new platform, competition tends to be lower, at least initially. Costs are thus likely to be lower for a potentially larger share of voice.

Drawbacks :

Amazon Inspire is currently only accessible in the United States, available to a selected panel of consumers participating in the official pre-launch test version.

One thing is certain: we are eager to see Amazon Inspire expand to France! We’ll keep you updated on all the latest news about Amazon Inspire and are already beginning to incorporate it into our media strategies!